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Assallamu Alyakum, ‘Uttar Gujarat Mansuri Samaj Ahmedabad’ is abbreviated as UGMSA, is registered under Regd. No A-3748 in 2004 is simply started for gathering of community and for helping the needy of community. UGMSA is only a medium between you and a benefited one… We collect your Zakat, Lillah, Imdad and Gift. With the grace of Allah we try our best to give them to the needy. With your precious help we can manage the activities like:

  • Vidhva Sahay
  • Medical Sahay
  • Rojgari Sahay
  • Inam Samaroh for brilliant students
  • Samuh Dawat with get to gathering
  • Haji Sanman
  • And More

We have put this site together to provide our community a fast access to information and on how to build a strong community. We believe that by putting this information together we will strengthen the communities' development needs. Our goal is to provide and keep the community touch with one another, updated with news and information. This will also allow us to connect world wide with other communities, enlightening and exchanging information around the globe.

Our new generation, the backbone of our society, is our future and we need to provide resources and assistance in whichever way we can. This would give us the opportunity to make sure that they exceed at all the levels. Importantly, our vision is to encourage our youths to participate in local and online social and cultural activities enhancing their awareness about their Islamic roots and heritage.

With the grace of Allah and mercy of Hazrat Mohmmad (S.A.W) we can do so…it will run whenever Allah wish…we extremely eager for your help…kindly contact us. If you have any suggestion kindly deliver to us at info@ugmsa.co.in, we warmly welcome your suggestion and trying our best to implement.



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